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WE SCREEN LIVE AND PRE-RECORDED OPERA, THEATRE AND BALLET also the leading box-office films every week, including 3D and 2D releases all of which are available for school showing during the year.

We now have an impressive library of school film that we can screen for pupils and teachers.

Education is paramount for our youth and we take education very seriously by making school content available to all schools

Learning which takes place beyond the classroom walls plays an important role in students' social and cultural education.

The experience of film goes far beyond the cinema. Prior to a screening, teachers can involve their whole class in preparing for the event, for example, investigating current films' releases or exploring the issues that feature in their chosen film. 

Whatever your focus, film can provide a valuable, accessible and engaging mode of delivery to learners

This year we have an intensive library of films relevant to the school curriculum.

We also provide a transition year film module, especially suited for schools doing film modules.

This features an educational film in the morning, a  PowerPoint Presentation on projection from the start of the century up to the present day with digital projection.

This day finishes off with a screening of one the current popular movies (teacher/pupil choice) in the afternoon.


Film                                                   Director                                          Language

The OdysseyFrancis                          Ford Coppola                               English

King LearWilliam                                Shakesphere                               English     

Cinema Paradiso                               Giuseppe Tornatore                      French (Eng subs)

The Class                                        Laurent Cantent                          French(Eng subs)

The Wave                                       Denis Gansel                               German (Eng subs)  

Hamlet                                           Kenneth Branagh                          English                      

Hamlet (2)                                      Franco Zeffirelli                            English

THE KITE RUNNER                             Marc Foster                                English

The Orphanage                                Guillermo Dultoro                          Spanish

City of men                                     Fernando Meirelles                        Portuguese       

Coco Before Chanel                           Anne Fontane                             French

Wuthering Heights                            Peter Bowker                               English

Volver                                            El deseo                                     Spanish

Circle of Friends                               Maeve Binchy                              English

A Doll's House                                  Ibsens                                       English

Rivers to the sea                              Ralph Vaughan Williams                 English

The Secret life of bees                      Gina Prince                                 English

Mongol                                           Sergei Bodrov                              Mongolian (Eng subs)

The Chorus (Les Choristes)                Christophe Barratier                      French

THE FIELD                                      JB KEANE                                    English

My Sisters Keeper                           Jodi Picoult                                  English

THE COUNTERFEITER (SALSCHER)      Stefan Ruzowitzky                        German











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